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Edibles are arriving at dispensaries

The Florida Office of Medical Marijuana Use (OMMU) has approved the sale  THC-infused edibles.

Instead of allowing the edibles to be covered under the oral route, the OMMU has added edibles as another route for medical marijuana.  If you are a Green Medical Solutions patient and have not had your certification renewed prior to August 1 and want edibles added to your order, please call the office 813 282 9333 and we will add it to your order free of any charge

There are some  restrictions on the types of edibles that companies can create as well as the shapes and colors items can be.

Companies will not be permitted to formulate products with natural or artificial color additives, and the edibles cannot “contain or bear a reasonable resemblance to commercially available candy.”

Additionally, edibles cannot be “decorated with icing, sprinkles or other toppings,” and must be “produced in a manner to minimize color intensity and other color and visual characteristics attractive to children.”

Edibles manufacturers will be able to produce and sell infused lozenges, gelatins, baked goods, chocolates and drink powders, but they must obtain approval from the OMMU for each product they wish to create. They will also need to comply with certain packaging and labeling requirements, the rules state.

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